Month: November 2014

Paper-Cut Tallit (Prayer Shawl)

Tallit Kavannah Papercut on Tyvek Paper 46″x55″ By Jonathan Lyon 1-6-2015 Tallit Kavannah incorporates the many themes and contexts to remember, which interconnect and depend on each other to create kavannah (mental preparation and intention) for davening (prayer/comuning with The Almighty). It is my attempt to take […]


The Four Sons

The 4 Sons of the Passover Seder: At the Passover Seder, we read about the 4 Sons and their very different approaches and interactions with the Seder.  I have symbolically incorporated several themes into this paper cut. The Chacham (wise son) with the 3D image […]

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On Strong Foundations

This paper cut came to me in a dream. It expresses my love for my congregation, symbolized here by our synagogue and it’s surrounding references. It shows the synagogue, sitting on a foundation of Torah. The words of the Torah are flowing out like water, […]

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