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Mizrach/Jerusalem: Nesting Realities

This 30 layer paper cut Mizrach is inspired by the ceiling design of a synagogue in Tashkent Uzbekistan. In the West, one faces East toward Jerusalem to pray. Many Jewish households have a Mizrach (East) to indicate this direction. I have recently replaced the word […]

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Havdalah and Mechitzoth 

Havdalah in Hebrew means to differentiate or to discern nuanced distinctions – even to the point of hair splitting (and now gene splitting!). The ribbons are actually hair follicles magnified 600-fold! Havdalah partway completed Mechitzoth in Hebrew means boundaries, which can only be established as […]


California Sequoia Redwood Tree

This is my favorite type of tree. They are both ancient and majestic. They are some of the tallest and oldest trees in the world, containing the repository of 2-3,000 years worth of climate conditions in their trunks and 10,000+ years worth in their root […]

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Paper-Cut Tallit (Prayer Shawl)

Tallit Kavannah Papercut on Tyvek Paper 46″x55″ By Jonathan Lyon 1-6-2015 Tallit Kavannah incorporates the many themes and contexts to remember, which interconnect and depend on each other to create kavannah (mental preparation and intention) for davening (prayer/comuning with The Almighty). It is my attempt to take […]