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Mizrach/Jerusalem: Nesting Realities

This 30 layer paper cut Mizrach is inspired by the ceiling design of a synagogue in Tashkent Uzbekistan. In the West, one faces East toward Jerusalem to pray. Many Jewish households have a Mizrach (East) to indicate this direction. I have recently replaced the word […]

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Havdalah and Mechitzoth 

Havdalah in Hebrew means to differentiate or to discern nuanced distinctions – even to the point of hair splitting (and now gene splitting!). The ribbons are actually hair follicles magnified 600-fold! Havdalah partway completed Mechitzoth in Hebrew means boundaries, which can only be established as […]


Paper-Cut Tallit (Prayer Shawl)

Tallit Kavannah Papercut on Tyvek Paper 46″x55″ By Jonathan Lyon 1-6-2015 Tallit Kavannah incorporates the many themes and contexts to remember, which interconnect and depend on each other to create kavannah (mental preparation and intention) for davening (prayer/comuning with The Almighty). It is my attempt to take […]